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Do the following situations sound familiar to you?

  • You accidentally take a different slope than your winter sports group and get lost?

  • You want to give your winter sports friends tips on how to improve their technique?

  • You catch a badly prepared slope or ice slab and try to inform the group?

  • You want an easy and stable group communication during your ski / snowboard course?

  • You want to warn your group about crazy skiers and other dangers?

  • You want to reduce the risk of accidents?  

  • You want to protect yourself and others through Corona compliant communication?

Then TEAMALK SNOW is just the right thing for you!

Helmets protect.

Now even from a bad communication.

Turn your ski / snowboard helmet into a digital radio - with the revolutionary group radio system TEAMTALK SNOW!

It has never been easier to communicate on the slopes or in open terrain.

You don't need a base station or a smartphone, just a radio set!

No matter if 2 or 20 participants - at the hobby, in the ski / snowboard school or in professional winter sports - connect once at the push of a button and start communicating.

The innovative software controls the group communication all by itself.  

And the best part?! You don't have to buy a new helmet to use TEAMTALK SNOW. Simply use the supplied universal adapter to attach the radio set to your own helmet.   

Interested? We'll be happy to tell you more details!

The functions at a glance

  • Up to 2,000 m radio range on the slopes and in open terrain

  • Through DMR a much better and more stable connection than via Bluetooth

  • No radio interference from other groups

  • Handsfree communication

  • Automatic reconnection

  • Free of charge use

  • Works without a smartphone

  • Intuitive operation

  • Fits on almost every ski & snowboard helmet

  • Long battery life: at least 8 hours of pure talk time

  • No limitation on number of group members

Guy Skifahren

Get the innovative group radio set TEAMTALK SNOW for YOUR helmet now!

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Find out more or request an individual offer directly

Thank you very much!

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