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The easiest and most stable group communication on the slopes and in the open terrain!


TEAMTALK SNOW is a digital group radio system for use in ski or snowboard helmets. With the help of an adapter, it can be attached to almost any helmet without having to replace the earpads. For helmets of the Giro S Nine series, the radio system can be used without an adapter.  


A single push of a button establishes a permanent connection of the desired radio sets in your group with any number of members. The software then regulates the communication. No other buttons need to be pressed. Only to disconnect the connection or to adjust the volume, another push is necessary.


On and off the slopes, TEAMTALK SNOW enables a range of up to 2,000 m thanks to technology based on DMR (digital mobile radio). TEAMTALK SNOW requires neither a base station nor a smartphone to be used. Several groups can keep contact with one another independently and without mutual interference in the same area of activity. Simple and smooth communication without annoying disruptions is guaranteed.  


Powerful batteries ensure a stable and permanent voice connection for at least 8 hours in wind and weather.  

We are 100% convinced of the quality of TEAMTALK SNOW and therefore grant a 3-year guarantee if used as intended.  


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Where is TEAMTALK SNOW used?

Ski & snowboard schools

  • Connect easily with your course.

  • Give your instructions clearly and concisely.

  • Communicates at a distance with the entire group.  

  • Enables the participation of everyone - including people with disabilities.

  • Increases the safety of your course participants by providing interference-free and Corona-compliant communication.

Professionals, ski clubs & tour hikers

  • Enables an uncomplicated connection between athlete, team and coach.

  • Give your training a new format through by using innovative technology.

  • Increase your training efficiency.

  • Optimize your athlets' technique simultaneously while performing the activity.

  • Warn each other of dangers.

Family & friends

  • Coordinate your choice of slopes, lifts or huts.

  • Warn each other about ice slabs or bad slope conditions.  

  • Encourage each other and increase the feeling of safety when things don't go well.

  • Immediately after a fall, check the well-being of the fallen group member, even at a distance.

  • Increase the enjoyment in the group.

Universal adapter

Click bracket for Giro helmets

or universal adapters

On / Off button

Volume control

Power / data transfer display

Side bracket for 3-point belt


DMR antenna

Technical specifications

Installation set suitable for Giro S Nine or with a universal adapter for almost any helmet.

Radio communication is based on DMR 446 MHz frequency bands and is free of charge.

Range in sight / out of sight: up to 2,000 m / up to 1,000 m.

Group size: unlimited (ideally up to 15 people per group).

No interference from several groups in the same area of activity.

Lithium-ion battery: at least 8 h pure talk time.

Radio approval: EU, Norway, Switzerland, countries with EU regulations.

Approvals: CE / radio approval / EMV / EMC.

Set is splash-proof.

Operating temperature: -20 °C to + 45 °C.

Storage temperature: -30 °C to + 55 °C.

Total weight: approx. 150 g. 

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